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The two most important words in marketing are......?

And as children, we weren’t excited by the meat and two veg.

“What’s for afters?” we cried.

Likewise our customers are begging with us, pleading with us, to answer to that very same question. 

While we’re boring them with exotic descriptions of the meat and two veg, they’re shouting, “What’s for afters?”

Find out how to answer that question

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Gaining customer insight that is quick, actionable and inexpensive

 “How can I get customer insight that is actionable?” Don't rely on that thick, industry-sponsored report for easy answers.

Most market and customer research are too turgid, too long and too expensive. Very few give easily accessible actionable output.  I use a method  which addresses some of the limitations

The philosophy here is to drive continuous input to fuel continuous improvement —and to do with customer involvement. This means you can have innovation but at lower risk and lower cost.

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Recruit customers and colleagues who value what you do. Fire those who don’t.

Meet Carlo Anichini. If you're in London and need a haircut complimented with a case study on Brand delivery, he's your man.

Carlo is an artisan descended from a long line of artisans. His grandfather was a master mason in Florence, a place where they know a thing or two about working with stone. From his mother he inherited an acute eye for design, line and detail.

In addition to being an outstanding barber and a successful entrepreneur, Carlo is also something of a Brand-meister. He is clear on his brand values and executes them clearly, and precisely.

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What makes a good brand? The predictable delivery of an exciting promise.

Goodness we make things difficult for ourselves.

Before Christmas I participated in a conference on Strategy and Branding. I gave a presentation entitled, “Market-driving vs market-driven: consequences for organisational culture,”

I will amplify the content of the presentation in future articles, but I want to focus on a question which came up in subsequent presentations, and whose answer clearly has implications for the way we drive a business.

What constitutes a good brand?

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