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The two most important words in marketing are......?

And as children, we weren’t excited by the meat and two veg.

“What’s for afters?” we cried.

Likewise our customers are begging with us, pleading with us, to answer to that very same question. 

While we’re boring them with exotic descriptions of the meat and two veg, they’re shouting, “What’s for afters?”

Find out how to answer that question

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What makes a good brand? The predictable delivery of an exciting promise.

Goodness we make things difficult for ourselves.

Before Christmas I participated in a conference on Strategy and Branding. I gave a presentation entitled, “Market-driving vs market-driven: consequences for organisational culture,”

I will amplify the content of the presentation in future articles, but I want to focus on a question which came up in subsequent presentations, and whose answer clearly has implications for the way we drive a business.

What constitutes a good brand?

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What is digital marketing? And why the answer should bother you

In conventional marketing, you provide the recommendation. You broadcast the signal to buy. Peer-to-peer chatter is distracting noise. 

Digital marketing is the reverse. Peer-to-peer referral is the signal to buy and your broadcast is distracting, even annoying, noise.

And there you have it. The thrill and the threat, the opportunity and the danger of digital marketing.

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More signal, less noise: the quest for differentiation

For the next few weeks, a restored Abbaye in the Dordogne is acting temporary HQ for the Riot Point. We are bringing certain projects to a close, and commencing others.

Constant renewal based on past successes (and tolerated failures) is a constant theme, all fuelled, of course, by a motivation to provide value to others and while receiving improvements in self. And we’re making progress. The beams emanating from the library in the photo above reflect the brilliance of some of the new material!

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