What is digital marketing? And why the answer should bother you

If you are, like me, in professional services, a referral is a recommendation to hire you (or me.)

If you manufacture widgets, a referral is a recommendation to buy your product.

In conventional marketing, you provide the recommendation. You broadcast the signal to buy. Peer-to-peer chatter is distracting noise. 

Digital marketing is the reverse. Peer-to-peer referral is the signal to buy and your broadcast is distracting, even annoying, noise.

And there you have it. The thrill and the threat, the opportunity and the danger of digital marketing.

In digital marketing, you are either great or you are not. 

Digital marketing bifurcates the market.  There is no gentle spectrum ranging from poor to excellent and passing through mediocre along the route.   

If you are better and different than the competition, people will talk. 

If not. There is silence. If you are lucky.

Digital whispers are big dollars. More or less.

In Digital Marketing for the C-Suite we will cover the essences of digital marketing, the trends, the tools, what is it, how to use it, and how not to use. We will show you how to find the pots of digital marketing gold, and how to avoid the potholes.

This is an online course commencing in November 2013. Content details will be provided in October.

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