How did the riot point get its name?

Let Neville tell you the story.

“In late summer 2011, my printing business was on the verge of collapse.

There was internal conflict of Shakespearian proportions. We had it all. Deceit. Betrayal. Love. Blood (and printers ink) on the floor.

The ingredients were familiar; shifting technology, over capacity, and plummeting prices. Whip into the mix a proud workforce with declining skills and decreasing benefits, whack in me desperately giving a single ‘take-it-or-leave’ option, and I’d a foul dish no one finds appetising.

I called Iwan in and with heavy involvement of employees and customers, and LOTS of action (‘emotion follows motion’ he kept telling me) the business was turned around.

After 6 months of progress, I said to him, 

“Iwan, when you arrived we were at the point of riot. It could have gone either way. You came in at the riot point and helped us all pull back and move forward.”

“Nev” I said, “you’ve just given my business a name.

And that’s how the Riot Point name came.

The Riot Point is the home of Iwan Jenkins, PhD. For over three decades, Dr. Jenkins has proven his expertise in the field of problem-solving leadership and how it applies to strategy, innovation and marketing. He spent the first 20 years of his career in, as we like to say, the real world – helping blue chip companies around the world hone their strategies, marketing and sales efforts, and mergers and acquisitions tactics. He started rioting on his own as an executive coach and consultant 20 years ago.

Dr. Jenkins is a practitioner of the practical. Does he know the ins and outs of cognitive theory and complex systems science? But of course. More importantly, he knows how to make the theoretical applicable in today’s business world. Everything he does or suggests you do is grounded in common sense.

Reducing stress and risk for executives while increasing their success and confidence (as well as their organisation’s success and confidence in them) is at the core of Dr. Jenkins’ work.

And his success can be measured concretely

  • from a company that raised its prices 15% while maintaining market share

  • to a senior manager who expanded his portfolio from $150 million to $450 million in just four years.

From the personal to the enterprise, Dr. Jenkins turns potential into profit.