Gaining customer insight that is quick, actionable and inexpensive

I am often asked by executives, “How can I get customer insight that is actionable?”

And then, “how do I know if the actions I am taking in response to the customer insight are having the desired effect without having to wait 6 months for the next survey?”

Too much, too late, too costly

These questions highlight the four main problems which bog down the effectiveness of most customer experience research.

  1. It is expensive and infrequent. Survey are usually conducted every 6 to 12 months otherwise they becomes burdensome and expensive. 
  2. It takes too long to complete: With an average of 30 questions most response rates are typically in the 20-25% range and usually completed by the customers who’s voices are of the least interest. 
  3. There is no obvious link for the customer between their input and an improvement in their experience. When customers ask, “what’s in it for me?” it is difficult to give a meaningful response. 
  4. There is often dependency on an expert to interpret the data. Many research methods rely on one person or small group to interpret your customers data on your behalf. This approach is expensive and places a layer between the customer and the executive.

Continuous capture fuels continuous improvement

I use a method  which addresses some of the limitations I’ve just listed. An example can be found in the video above.

The philosophy here is to drive continuous improvement and to do with customer involvement. This means you can have innovation but at lower risk and lower cost.

I call it taking the guesswork out of growth.

For more information on this method or for case studies on its application, please send me request at