S1 E6: This I have learnt—The Not-for-profit, Ms Cari DeSantis

While those of us who work in business occasionally complain about challenging market conditions or a lack of resources, these are nothing compared to the difficulties and restrictions endured by some not-for-profits.

And while a poor decision in commerce might result to a disgruntled customer, a poor decision in a not-for-profit could destroy the life of a child, with similar consequences to the employees involved.  

Imagine. Diminishing resources combined with the fear of getting things wrong. Just the environment with the need for continuous innovation and refinement is required. Just the environment where it is least welcome. 

The well of motivation has to be deep in order to cope with stresses of leadership in those circumstances.

And today's guest, Cari DeSantis, has thrived and made a huge difference.

Cari is the CEO of Melwood, a Washington DC based services business whose 800 employees have some form of disability. She has also been Cabinet Secretary providing Services to Childen, Youth and their Families as well as running for public office.

Her public service is founded on strong values, but it’s application is realistic and pragmatic. This ensures things get done.

Finally, Cari has a tremendous message for young women of today. I hope you enjoy the programme.

This is the last in the present series of This I Have Learnt. The Second series begins in February 2015. Should you have any nominees you wish to see in the Series, please send your recommendations to iwanjenkins@theriotpoint.com