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S1 E6: This I have learnt—The Not-for-profit, Ms Cari DeSantis

This interview is a cracker. It powerful, uplifting and heartening—especially if you are a woman in the workplace.

While those of us who work in business occasionally complain about challenging market conditions or a lack of resources, these are nothing compared to the difficulties and restrictions endured by some not-for-profits.

A poor decision in commerce might result to a disgruntled customer, a poor decision in a not-for-profit could destroy the life of a child, with similar consequences to the employees involved.  

Those of us in business have much to learn from those in such circumstances.

Cari DeSantis has brought about innovation change in some of the toughest jobs,and shares lessons learnt in this episode.

Finally, she has an uplifting message of young women entering work today.

I hope you enjoy the programme.

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S1 E5: This I have learnt—The Soldier, Colonel Donald Pudney

What can life under fire teach you about setting priorities and leading others?

Quite a lot it seems. It has helped Colonel Donald lead a successful and stimulating life. 

Some may have a successful career in the military, others in the public sector or many more in a business career. There are a rare few,  such as our guest Colonel Donald Pudney, who have excelled in all three. 

He has lived in war zones for extended periods, been head of a civil service, and a director of several prominent organisations. He has valuable lessons to share.

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S1 E3: This I have learnt—Norris Zucchet, CEO (retired), Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries

Imagine having a market where demand is guaranteed (yes, guaranteed) to grow, where competition is limited, and the cost of entry is high.

Too good to be true? Maybe.

But there is a downside. Such dynamics can cause organisations to become sluggish and indifferent to innovation. After all, why should they change?

Norris Zucchet faced such conditions. It turned out to be the most demanding, exhausting and exhilarating 13 years of his career.

What did he do and what did he learn? Grab 15 mins of wisdom in this edition of 'This I have learnt.'

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S1 E2: This I have learnt—Tom Schmidt, Managing Director, Norton McMullen Corporate Finance

Large organisations are characterised by the size of their employee population. Engaging the group to co-operate for combined and individual benefits is the single largest challenge of leaders in such in an organisation. In fact, in some ways, it is the only thing they do.

Tom Schmidt has had a successful career within a number of large organisations. In this episode of 'This I have learnt' he shares with us some of his experiences on how to lead others, but also how to lead and develop oneself in order to be a better leader. 

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