Not your fault-but you are to blame


We have fog. Thick, pea-soupish, fog.

Visibility is down to 20 metres but cyclists and pedestrians behave as if car drivers could see forever.

Pedestrians couldn’t be better camouflaged. It’s like a scene from the movie, ‘the Third Man.’ Grey-coated, dark-jeaned, black-hatted pedestrians emerge briefly in the gloom and quickly disappear. Like smugglers in post-War Vienna . 

Cyclists wheel in subdued colours without lights.

When everything looks the same and you don’t stand out, you’re going to get hit.

Sure, it might be someone else’s fault, but you’ve only yourself to blame.

You know better. You know 'Effective Reflective'  would help you stand out from the crowd but you don't buy it or you won't take it out of the wardrobe.

Maybe you think you won't look good.

But it's not about you. It's about them.

Stand out. Be noticed. But be relevant.

In business, as in life.