Forget logic. It's emotion which kicks off action



George knows that logic stimulates thought, but it's emotion that jump-starts action.

Well he didn't, but he does now.

George is a coaching client of mine who as agreed to share his story.  He runs a business in food distribution, and employs about 1000 people around the world.

He is in his mid-50’s and by any measure, especially a tape measure, he is successful. 

He displays the fruits of his success around his waistline and gives proof to the saying, travel broadens the behind—especially if you’re doing it in business class.

Convinced by family and shamed by his bigger and wider purchases at Marks and Spencer, George resolved to keep success on his bottom line, and not his bottom.

“I have to go to the gym,” he said, “but though I can rise an hour before dawn to visit a customer, the thought of pumping out press-ups at 06:00 leaves me stone cold.”

You see, for all the logic on the benefits of exercise, it didn’t put enough fuel in Georges tank to get him lifting barbells while the sparrows were still sleeping.

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Iwan Jenkins