Avoid shaved legs and let your customers love you

I’m writing this in the studio, and my legs are lovely and smooth. 

Well, they’re not really. 

They are itchy, and covered in cuts, and you'll ready why in a minute. Plus also a tip on how to avoid the same thing happening to you and your customer—but first a plea.

Make it easy for your customers to love you.

I hope Apple are listening.

Steve Jobs positioned Apple at the intersection of the liberal arts and technology. 

In his last public address he said,  “it’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough. Technology married to the liberal arts,  yields the result which makes our hearts sing.” 

Well, Steve, Apple’s DNA has mutated. 

You wanted technology to be more intuitive. You wanted to remove the technical obstacles in order to catalyse creativity and communication in the masses.

Steve, you did well, but now the barriers are back.

I have been trying to upload these audio blogs to iTunes so that listeners can download the broadcasts with ease.

Frustratingly my podcasts have been kicked back. Hurled would be a better word, yet you can’t talk to anyone to find out why. 

All interrogation is done electronically. In my twelfth email I was commanded to change 3 lines of html code at the front end of my RSS feed. After this, my podcast would be accepted.

If I could insert 3 seconds of stunned silence here I would.

I am not a techie. I am doing what Steve intended.

I am trying to do interesting work which makes a difference in peoples lives, and Apple’s products promise to help me. 

But they are making it difficult—and this makes it hard for me to love them.

I don’t code. I don’t want to code. I don’t want to waste time learning to how to backslash br hyphen colon br double back slash.

I just want to upload my podcast.

In fact, I’d rather shave my legs with a blunt razor in the absence of shaving foam and water, than endure the pain of learning html.

I said as much on a podcaster support forum, and one member offered to write the code if I could provide proof of pain in return. 

And, so, dear listener, the new code is written, and I record this with smoothed but nicked calves.

Podcasts should be available on iTunes next week. 

Take away two things:

  1. Never make a rash claim on an internet forum
  2. Make it easy for your customers to love you.

If you’re making it difficult for customers to improve their lives with your products or services, stop it.

Stop it—and you’ll improve your brand tremendously. 

After all who doesn’t benefit from more love.

And here’s a practical tip.

If you’re unsure whether your placing obstacles and hazards in front of your customer, ask them, do we make it difficult for you to love us?

It’s amazing what you learn when you listen.

Finally, you can hit your stop button here, or you can read a short commercial.

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