At last—A Human's Guide to Leadership™

You have to lead to succeed.

In an increasingly complex world no individual can solve every problem. In response we form teams, organisations, and even nations. Each of these needs successful, not perfect, leaders.

And here is the challenge. 

How can we become successful leaders when humans have no manual? 


  • By working with the grain of human nature, not against it.
  • By utilising our collective strengths instead of wasting energy on backfilling our weaknesses. 

In this  workshop we will dissect the three core responsibilities of leadership:

1. To select objectives or strategies that are worth achieving;  

2. To attract the support of talented colleagues ; and

3.  To deliver the goals with mutual benefit for all.

We introduce tools and concepts to aid success in each area.

As a you result you will:

  • Bring greater clarity to your colleagues on the business challenges you face. 
  • Tap into your core motivations and preferred way of working while leading others with different profiles.
  • Chose strategies that draw upon the strengths of your team, and are therefore likely to be implemented and succeed.

Details of the programme can be found here

Dates have been set for open programmes in Toronto, Canada and London, UK. In-house programmes are available upon request.

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