Opportunities are not like London buses

I was reminded this weekend that opportunities are not like London buses. 

You can’t miss one deliberately, confident that another is soon to follow.

In the space of two days I met:

  • An entrepreneur who, engrossed in delivery mode, failed to respond to business opportunities with a new client (after he’d told me 80% of his income is from 2 customers)
  • A Young executive who turned down promotion because the increase in money “was not good enough” (do it for 6 months and build up the resumé)
  • An executive who wanted to open up a new business with his early retirement package from a large organisation. In the first round of downsizing he got 80% what he wanted. He refused, held out for the second round, and got the statuary minimum. Now, at 57, he’s pimping his CV on linkedin, and the dream business is postponed for another 7 years.

Now, I realise that judgement has always to exercised but when Opportunity knocks, you need ask yourself one question:

Does this Opportunity open more doors than it closes

If the answer is yes, jump on board. You can always alight at the next stop.

Otherwise, I hope you have the skills insulate and prettify your local bus stop.