Get the profits and avoid the perils of digital marketing: an (almost) free workshop

If you're in the Greater Toronto Area on Tuesday 6th December join Rosalina and me at an (almost) free workshop on the strategic aspects of digital marketing.

Done properly, digital marketing can give you very loyal, high quality customers. Loyal, high-quality customers lead to loyal, high-quality gross margins.

But digital marketing abounds with sink holes and pit-falls. 

This workshop focuses on getting profits and avoiding perils. It will introduce digital marketing to strategic decision-makers, not tacticians.

We will show how digital marketing has reshaped the conversations have with their customers and demonstrate how this translates to opportunities—and threats.

Participants will leave with decision-making framework to aid in the construction and application of digital marketing resources.

The workshop is limited to 18 participants and places are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. So hurry.

The workshop is (almost) free. We will be trialling some innovative approaches to digital marketing and will seeking to only cover costs.  Each place costs $100 and includes materials and lunch.

Places can only be booked by contacting me via email ( or by phone (+1 416 302 4701).

So hurry.

A pdf of the flyer can be downloaded here.

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