Communicating for Action

Communicating for Action


Many of us are not good at communicating, and if you were brought up in a loving family, you can blame your parents.

Remember when you brought home your first letter from school. It was all, “Today I did this, today I did that.” And when we took it home to our parents cooed and our grandparents praised. And they spoilt our communication forever.

If I write about me I’ll get a positive response.

Wrong. Completely wrong.

In communication it’s not about you. It’s all about them. 

And the consequences of bad communication are serious.

Customers don’t buy your services because they don’t know how you can improve their lives. Only 11% of the money spent on adverting leads to sales.

Employees don’t know what’s going on so do their own thing.  In a study by Renaissance Worldwide, on 1 in 20 employees know their organisation’s strategy. That means 19 out of 20.

There’s no such thing as no communication. If you’re not communicating to your colleagues or employees they will the vacuum with own story and it’s likely to be closer to a Steven King horror novel than a romantic comedy.

Bad communication stops at this workshop.

The sole purpose of your communication is get action from your audience. You’ll how to do this clearly, simply and persuasively at this workshop.

You’re not communicating to entertain. We’ll leave to Hollywood script writers.

You’re not communication to inform. We’ll leave that to journalists at the BBC.

You’re communicating to get things done.

So, in this one day course, we’re going to learn from the greats. 

No, not the great orators like Cicero, Churchill or Lincoln.

We’re going to learn from the other greats of communication, the direct marketeers.

Their’s is no-nonsense marketing. If they’re not successful in getting action, there’s no food on the table, no roof over their head.

Direct marketeers have to :

  • hook the attention of the audience quickly;

  • convince the audience they can improve their lives

  • have their communications have to result in action.

  • And we’ll learn from the best of the bunch.

  • And we are going to get that structure from those who are the most successful at communicating and getting actions.

Direct marketeers.

They understand their target audience in the same depth as they know their own products.

You will learn how understand your audience, whats in it for me, ta

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