Brilliant at somethings, bored senseless by others? Want to know why?

Have you ever wondered why you were brilliant at some things, but bored to tears by others.

Or why you got on like a house on fire with some people, yet others are so irritating and frustrating, that working with them (or living with them) is like fingers nails scratching on a chalk board.

Or why some parts of your business were not great at execution but superb at generating ideas, while others were the reverse.

Brilliant at getting things done, but no deviation please.

Well the Kirton Adaptor Innovator theory may be able to answer these questions for individuals, and for organisations.

According the Kirton Adaptor Innovator theory (or KAI), everybody solves problems but what differs amongst us our preferred way of being creative, our style of solving problems. 

Some people, like Thomas Edison, Marie Curie create solutions by adapting previous records of success.

Others, like Steve Jobs, create solutions by innovating with novel approaches.

So who are you closer to? Edison or Jobs

Well you can find out in less than 15 mins. By completing a short 33 question inventory, you’ll find out your preferred style and how it compares to others. 

You can complete a KAI here.

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