Making our whole life bloom: 3 components of leadership

Last night I watched a film biography on Woody Allen, and like his movies or not, the body of work he has generated is impressive.

In 40 years he has made 40 films, has earned a lot of money for his backers, and garnered many awards for his actors. With the exception of the first film, “What’s Up Pussycat,” he has written, directed, and produced (and often acted in) each movie. I don’t know of other individual who can exceed this account.

He has longevity; which means he has talent but has allowed it to evolve. This is a useful lesson.

This prompted me to reflect on a question I’d been asked earlier this week—“What makes a great leader?” 

Well there is a plethora of definitions and context is crucial, so whatever the given response, it would be too limiting. However, I can say what makes a great client and I think this gives an oblique perspective on good leadership.

My best clients make a big difference quickly—with resultant improvement in the business performance and the capability of their organisation.

This segment of clients share 3 characteristics. They are:

1. Desire improvement. Whether the motivation is positive or negative, they are dissatisfied by the status quo.

2. Have passion for the topic. Whether its their organisation, the industry, or their profession, they love what they are doing; and this gives them the motivation to tolerate the bumps and collisions that happen on the journey

3. "Recruit the best to deliver the best." They select the team who are the best available in their respective fields; employees, suppliers, colleagues.

Woody Allen exemplifies all of these aspects in the way he generates and delivers his work.  Each film has to be better than the film before. He loves the business, “I couldn’t think of doing anything else. When one film ends, the other begins,” and he recruits the best actors, cameramen, and associated professionals.

All of which should make us think, “where am I?” Am I in a job/location/environment for which I have a passion, in which desire for improvement comes naturally and easily, and where I can work with others so that your whole life blooms. 

If you’re not giving of your best, what has to change?

Simon LuntComment