"Live a life filled with fun and purpose." Colonel Donald Pudney

If your house lights dimmed unexpectedly this morning, or if your car stalled without apparent reason, don’t worry. It was a one off.

The Universe endured a sudden negative energy spike as a force of nature transferred from one dimension to another.

Colonel Donald Pudney has left the earthly parade ground for the last time.

Once met, never forgotten. You could never invent Donald Pudney. The most gifted Hollywood writer, thrilled by Marvel Comics, would fall short. 

As a youngster he drummed with an visiting American Big Band. He was the last officer to be commissioned into the British Army in World War II, and the youngest Captain. 

He duped the Army medical staff into thinking he had perfect eyesight. Throughout his career no one would discover his ‘dickie’ eye. 

He raced across Italy and Yugoslavia to stall the falling Iron Curtain. He served in Korea and other parts, claiming to have “been shot at in most parts of the world.”

From Army life he succeeded in becoming the Head of the Bermudian Civil Service. He was preferred Bermudian citizenship, a rare and unusual recognition which required an Act of Parliament in the UK.

He was a scholar of British Regiments and amassed one of the largest toy solider collections in the world.

He made the pre-cursor of the music video—in the late 1960's.

He was feted by the great and good who respected his incisive questioning and clarity of thought. 

His intellectual curiosity knew no bounds. Until his 90th year he read three books a week. Until yesterday his memory was razor-sharp.

This level of talent and energy could have been sandpaper the ego of some. But Donald’s warmth, wit and generosity always ensured you felt you were part of his success. You never felt envious or jealous.

We shall miss him dearly. Thankfully we have more than feeble human memories to aid our recall. In November 2014 I interviewed Donald as part the series, “This I have learnt.”

It was a wonderful conversation in which Donald shared some of the lessons his rich and varied life had provided. It can be found here.

Afterwards we enjoyed a spiritual experience or, more accurately, spirit-filled. Donald never drank much water.  “I know what fish do in it” was his explanation.

He once told me, 

You know, life should be filled with fun and purpose. Often the second leads to the first. Live a life without fear and malice
— Colonel D R Pudney

I try and live by his recommendation.

Colonel Donald R. Pudney. Thank you. Rest in Peace.

Simon LuntComment