Clarity and Simplicity: the essential requirements of strategy

We have a statement to make.  

Over the past two weeks we have had a number of requests asking us to provide our view on the distinction between, vision, values, mission, intent etc.

We could provide the definitions.  We have a library of strategy books written by well-informed, intellectually muscular writers, each giving their shade on the rainbow of perspectives.

Here's the problem.  Folks want black and white.

That's not to say there aren't shades of grey, and it doesn't rule out the unknown.  Quite the reverse.  But good strategy expresses the borders of what we know, what we want, and what we don't, and does so with clarity and simplicity.

In the next month we will provide a practical approach to strategy thinking and communication.  

Clarity and simplicity.  These are the essential requirements of strategy.


Simon LuntstrategyComment