Can your team deliver innovation? Find out with my Christmas Gift to you.

How does your business grow: Through Adaption or Innovation?

How does your business grow: Through Adaption or Innovation?

For the past 20 years I have been helping Executives take the guesswork out of business growth.  

I have seen businesses that are so innovative, nothing ever gets completed. They flounder as they flail excitedly from one awesome idea to another. They may not run out ideas, but do they do run out of cash.

Conversely, I have worked with highly adaptive organisations who grow, painstakingly, by tweaking past successes. They make few mistakes, but one day they end up with perfect sailing ship, while the rest of the world has moved to steam.

The Holy Grail is, of course, Delivered Innovation. This requires the best of both approaches but each extreme often sees the worst of each other thus making mutual collaboration difficult.

  • Those who are more innovative see their more adaptive colleagues as stuffy, un-enterprising and resistant to change.
  • Alternatively, the more adaptive see the more innovative as Abrasive, insensitive and unaware of the havoc that he/she is creating.

To deliver innovation, teams need to value (not tolerate) diversity in the context of the problem to be solved. The first step is to discovery the problem-solving style preferences of team members. The second step is to agree how these preferences could be used to deliver greater business value, more quickly and at lower personal stress.

The best tool I have used to discover problem-solving style preference is the KAI inventory. It is a 33 item questionnaire, takes 15 mins to complete, is available online in a number of languages, and comes with a detailed feedback booklet. As part of my mission of encouraging individuals to fully exploit their strengths, I am giving away 50 KAI’s for Christmas.

Here’s the deal.

Send me a request by clicking this link. You will then receive log-in details and background information on how to complete the KAI.

KAI’s will be given away on a first come, first served basis, and distribution is limited to 4 per organisation or business unit.

The offer closes 15th January 2015.

Merry Christmas.