Can using complicated tools to solve a complex problem make you ill?

My initial contact with Cognitive Edge was stimulated by a question; does anyone out there have experience of applying a complex adaptive system approach to business? The root of the question arose from an earlier one of “how do you build bodily health” and curiosity as to whether the answer to that question had insight for building organisational health.

I had developed an understanding of the physiology of the human body through research and self-experimentation, and came to conclusion that our bodies are non-homeostatic open systems, but was surprised that a big chunk of medical science is derived from model of closed-loop steady state. Thus we manage this Complex system with Complicated and Simple tools (to our detriment) , and the analogy to Business seemed worthy of further investigation.

This post might be controversial, so let me state that this is my journey, the views are my own, and the conclusions are specific to me. In self-experimentation, N=1, and your mileage may vary—and so on and so forth with all the other liability disclaimers.