There’s only one reason to do strategy: To get reassurance about the future.

Most businesses want a strategy which avoids loss, gets more new customers, and keeps existing customers longer—-at ever increasing margins.

But here’s the biggest strategy problem. Most businesses use strategy processes which are nothing but seductive deception. They tempt with a promise of fantasy future. Then reverse engineer to an idealised picture of the current state.

Look away. Don’t be taken in. It’s not life and it’s also bad science. Businesses are complex adaptive systems which have to be monitored by feedback loops, and probed forward with safe-to-fail experiments. In other words they are complex and messy. You can’t dictate the future but you can shape it—like raising talented teenagers.

You need a strategy toolkit which reflects this, and shows you how to exploit the uncertainty that few others see. And the output has to be intriguing and beneficial to your colleagues. The content has to be communicated clearly, simply and persuasively if you want really change the organisation.

If that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get here.

the strategy builder

The Riot Point Strategy Builder is a one-day programme that results in a market-grounded plan. It involves:

  • Seeing the marketplace in real-world terms,

  • Selecting a path forward, 

  • Delivering an implementation plan, and

  • Assessing the impact it should have.

The Strategy Builder programme is personally lead on-site by Dr. Jenkins.

For an in-house team version for you business please write to or call me +1 416 302 4701. This phone rings on my desk.

customer research and development

As much as Big Data has become the big buzzword of late, it is not quite the panacea we were all promised. Can it tell you who is buying from you? Certainly. As well as at what quantity, price, place and time.

But why are your customers your customers? Answering that will make it much easier to keep them while attracting new ones. And knowing why people buy from your competitors will make stealing them away that much simpler.

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