what is Kai and what can it do for me?

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Fantasy leadership models get in the way of leaders succeeding at their two primary roles:

  1. Identifying the key problem a team should focus on.

  2. Recruiting the support of others to help solve the chosen problem, lowering the stress put upon each team member in the process.

In the Problem-Solving Leadership courses, you will learn – via the latest cognitive and anthropological research – how to practically manage the above issues more effectively while helping those on your team become better leaders in their right.


Flying Solo Online


Self-development on a budget. Ideal for entrepreneurs, project managers and anyone afraid of the CFO (we don’t judge).

  • One hour of in-depth video material covering Problem-Solving Leadership

  • Workable and measurable definitions on leadership and creativity

  • Tips on how to be more creative

  • Techniques on how to improve collaboration

  • Guidelines to better leadership of self and others

  • Access to KAI (Kirton Adaption-Innovation) Inventory for measuring your problem solving style

  • Downloadable notes

  • 15 mins video/phone consultation with Iwan Jenkins

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