The peanut butter to strategy’s chocolate.

It’s been said – and repeated as if gospel – that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Hardly. The truth is that neither can successfully exist without the other. Organisations may form around a culture, but they will quickly fall apart without a strategic direction to follow.

The Culture R&D® process assist in creating the proper [jargon alert] synergy between culture and strategy. Helping answer important questions like: Will your current culture help your strategy be successful? Does your current strategy make the most of your existing culture? If you’re attempting to shift your culture, are you having any effect?

Culture may be a bit harder to define than a strategy, but it is no less measurable. Nor should it be any less important to boardroom discussions. The Culture R&D process provides robust, quantitative data and powerful, qualitative insight. It allows leaders to both understand their culture, and its role in helping or hindering the company’s strategic direction.

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