Good communication upped my revenue. Up yours!

You’re a successful communicator yet  you still endure the:

  • Frustration of working with unaligned teams

  • Horror of giving (and sitting on) presentations

  • Bone-biting nerves when applying for a job

  • Desperate realisation your sales materials don’t sell

Join me and we'll make the pain go away.

You’ll learn that good communication results to action. 

Not entertainment - leave that to Hollywood

Not inform - leave that to the BBC.

You want to get a sale, get hired, get a raise, get your team to execute a plan, you’ll learn how to do all of that on this course.

You’ll learn from the best: the direct marketers who’d starve if their communications didn’t convert to sales.

You’ll learn how to construct a clear, simple and persuasive communication; and how to measure its effectiveness.

Effective communication is a craft not a gift. You'll learn the essence of the craft and leave with templates, examples and best of all, practice.

And here’s my personal guarantee. 

The price of this course $500. If you don’t receive a 5-fold return on your investment within 12 months of attending, I'll give you your money back. No fuss, no questions.

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Toronto, Canada, 20th September 2018
London, UK 4th October 2018
Liverpool, UK 5th October 2018
Toronto, Canada, 1st November 2018

Communicating for Action
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