Think outside the deck.

Most strategies are created linearly, taking a company from their current, stagnant Point A to the nirvana of Point B in steady, step-by-step increments. These strategies look great in PowerPoint decks, generate appreciative nods in the boardroom and too often land with a painful thud in the marketplace.

A Human’s Guide to Strategy™ is an intensive two-day workshop that teaches you how to generate a strategy that, wait for it, reflects reality. One thatincorporates the ambiguous, often chaotic nature of the marketplace. One that understands how your company’s very presence in the market changes the landscape. One that delivers clear direction while being agile enough to adapt and overcome on the fly. One that is, unlike this paragraph, tight and succinct.

Plus, by following the Guide, you’ll generate buy-in for the both the process and the resulting strategy amongst your colleagues and team. It’s what we call Strategy Gravity™.

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