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Thrust greatness upon yourself

Leadership appears easiest to those who have only followed. But genuine leaders understand that steering a team, a project or a company to victory requires a particular set of skills. Sound, strategic skills that start as personal and propagate to become systemic. Helping you master those skills and sharpen your strategies is what we do – so you and your organization can grow more focused, more fruitful and more fearless.

Engaging the madness to rebuild the genius

Led by Dr. Iwan Jenkins, The Riot Point strips away the shackles of obsolete thinking, defeatism and miscommunication to help individual leaders and corporations as a whole focus on what really matters.


From individual goals to corporate cultural realignment, this is where things get personal, assumptions get dismantled and fear learns its place as a catalyst instead of a cage. Learn More.

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Résumé claims to the contrary, everyone is not born a strategic thinker. Nor does it matter if everyone is on the same page if the page is blank. But when you understand your customer, your culture and the chaos that surrounds you, the real strategic work can begin. Learn More.

Meet the instigator

Before he started rioting against the corporate status quo, Iwan Jenkins, PhD, spent more than 20 years on staff at global corporations in four countries rework and rethink their strategies across leadership, marketing, sales and employee engagement. For the past 15 years, he has helped leaders and companies alike shift their perspectives. Learn More.

Satisfied Rioters

I would recommend you. You’re on the leading edge of what business needs to understand. You make the complex clear. You don’t over-simplify, and you make sure there are personal as well as business benefits.
— Andy Davies, Former Commercial Director, Merlin Entertainments
You understand the issues we grapple with and provide wise counsel and support in resolving them. You keep us on track by facilitating the critical discussions and ensuring that we follow through to closure. You are personable but demanding - a good combination. And you are Welsh.
— Mark Wakefield, Chairman, Kinark Child and Family Services
We could not have built this very successful brand without your help. You brought the voice of the customer into the boardroom. It has had such a big impact. You pulled it all together. Got us to ask the right questions. I am still amazed by the process you used. It has had such a big impact.
— Joel Nadeau VP, Canam Group
Because of what you do, we get to the results much faster. And the output from your process helps us communicate to Head Office as well as our colleagues. Working with you takes the doubt out of what to do next.
— Paul Plourde, VP Business Development, Gibraltar Industries

Free samples worth savouring


If you enjoy long-format podcasts with labyrinthine discussions of strategic minutiae, well, move along. Riot Point Radio brings you bursts of business wisdom in digestible amounts —typically 15 minutes or less. Listen Here. 

The Lab

Here you’ll find Dr. Jenkins’ latest insights and adventures in the world of strategic leadership. Technically, it’s a blog. But then, The David is technically a lovely bit of chisel work. Learn More.

The Warehouse

To get you going down the right path, The Warehouse offers free templates, frameworks and something called the River of Goodness. Resistance really is futile. Learn More.